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Monday, June 14, 2004

And introducing, well, me.....

Hello! So I decide to finally start my own knitting blog, and I begin suffering writers block and technical difficulties at the same time! Until I can figure out how to crack into my profile page and actually write in it, I thought I'd start by introduce myself right here.Without any further ado, my "26 Things" (100 seems a little personal):

1. I live in the Bay Area, on an island that looks out onto San Francisco (no, not
2. I have been living here with my boyfriend of five years for the past three years, "in sin" as some of the relatives like to say.
3. No plans for marriage just yet. Sin good. Bwaaaaaah Haaaw Haw!
4. That said, we just tell people who ask when we're getting married that we are now engaged. It seems to satisfy most of them.
5. M (boyfriend) and I have the same dentists, and they really want to come to the wedding.
6. Those satisfied with the engagement lie now want to know when we are going to start having kids.
7. I've got a major case of baby envy.
8. I have been knitting steadily (and voratiously) for the past three years, after a couple of false starts.
9. I am a pastry chef by trade.
10. And I teach that trade.
11. I am in love with my job.
12. I really want to have my own pastry shop or dessert bar someday; but I also feel the need to have a really kick-bootie yarn shop.
13. I firmly believe that dessert shop yarn bars are the wave of the future.
14. I try not to watch the nightly news, ever. It gives me a headache.
15. Reality shows give me a stomach ache.
16. Reality shows centered around restaurants awaken an urge within me to yell at the television set and huck my shoes at the wall.
17. I have what some call "75% Syndrome"; I get mostly done with a project, then either frog the whole thing because I have discovered I won't ever where that type of garment, or get close enough to sewing it all together and decide to drop it for reasons unknown.
18. I have so many WIPs that I am now that I am experiencing a needle shortage.
19. I do not have long attention sp
20. M and I have three cats of differing sizes and no dogs.
21. The biggest one looks just like Snowball II from The Simpsons.
22. I do not have cable.
23. It irks me that you have to have cable to have Tivo, otherwise I would have Masterpiece Theater and Nova to watch whenever I like.
24. I fully admit to being a nerd. For what it's worth, if I did have cable, I would be watching most of what the BBC has to offer (I love The Office), and Iron Chef. And Good Eats- Alton Brown, you ROCK! Ooh!Ooh! And Spongebob, but that's it.
25. Since nearly everyone I get introduced to asks me what my favorite dessert is (due to my job), I'll go ahead and tell you: it is currently the lychee shake with blueberry tapioca pearls that I get at a tiny almost unknown Vietnamese restaurant in Oakland.
26. Clowns scare the bee-JEE-zuss out of me. No joke. And no pun intended.

So, I guess that's going to be it for now. I actually do have some knitting stuff to enter, but I need to take better pictures first. Ta, Ta!