Yes, it's a knitting blog, but you may also find the following: some kvetching, copious amounts of general blabbing, and occassional snarkiness. But mostly it's all about the knitting. Probably. We'll see. Hmmm.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Darn that cosmos!

So, I've been in kind of a funny place lately. I haven't been able to do any serious knitting, changes are going on at work that are both exciting and a little weird and stressful, etc., blah, blah. Even the food has been off. I get home today, and I need something to eat, fast. Weeks and weeks ago, M (boyfriend) inexplicably brought home a box of blueberry PopTarts. "Eww," I then thought. "Yum, it's the only thing that can possibly satiate my hunger!" I thought today. "Ooh! Milk! Nothing on earth would go better! It'll be more nutritious that way (read: I will be actually be ingesting nutrients if I down some milk with this)!" The Tarts are popped, the milk is poured, -dunk, dunk dunk- I take a big, sopping bite, and realize the milk has turned just to the point of taking on a deeply cheesy-but-not-yet-sour flavor. Craving. OVER. Is it the cosmos trying to tell me to eat a damned apple? Oh, yes, I think so too.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy Belated Fouth of July!

I hope you had a great weekend! For me there was a great amount of knitting:

this is my Rowanspun Miracle sweater pre-weekend. Now that I have the first set of darts in the back section, it should be getting done a bit faster. And then there's this: Posted by Hello

Mom's surprise socks. My fingers ache just looking at it.  Posted by Hello

Ooh! And then M and I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11, which was incredible. The tundra tapered keyhole scarf is nearly off the needles, and I'll be so happy to get started on Knitty's Hush-Hush. It's a lot more "of the season".

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Mmmm...Summer knitting.....

One of the greatest things about living in the Bay Area is that the climate is super temperate. It gets cold but we don't get really any snow (when we do it makes the news), and it is never terribly hot (though we did get a two-day heat wave three years ago with temps reaching 103). Once a year or so, we get a lightning storm that sends my neighbors out onto their porches to watch. Bless their hearts, they ARE NOT weather hicks. That said, it is really funny when a magnificent flash of lightning crackles across the sky and is met with "WOOOOO....hoo!" somewhere in the dark. Don't laugh- it wasn't me, I swear. Anyhoo, it is on this temperate morning that I realized that the things I'm knitting are all pretty cold weather-oriented. The new Knitty is out, and it is all very hot cha cha. I've got a scarf on the needles ready for the tundra.  Posted by Hello

Pretty, though. Manos Del Uraguay, mmmm...
Knitty's "Hush Hush" is just about my speed. The part about wearing it with my dungarees has me ready knit it up, throw it on, and go party in the fog!