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Friday, July 16, 2004

Darn that cosmos!

So, I've been in kind of a funny place lately. I haven't been able to do any serious knitting, changes are going on at work that are both exciting and a little weird and stressful, etc., blah, blah. Even the food has been off. I get home today, and I need something to eat, fast. Weeks and weeks ago, M (boyfriend) inexplicably brought home a box of blueberry PopTarts. "Eww," I then thought. "Yum, it's the only thing that can possibly satiate my hunger!" I thought today. "Ooh! Milk! Nothing on earth would go better! It'll be more nutritious that way (read: I will be actually be ingesting nutrients if I down some milk with this)!" The Tarts are popped, the milk is poured, -dunk, dunk dunk- I take a big, sopping bite, and realize the milk has turned just to the point of taking on a deeply cheesy-but-not-yet-sour flavor. Craving. OVER. Is it the cosmos trying to tell me to eat a damned apple? Oh, yes, I think so too.